Saturday, August 4, 2012


Ever have the kind of experience that makes your head spin in so many ways you can't distinguish which direction is up?

That's the best description I can give for the past few days. We attempted a nice four day beach vacation to my hometown. It was absolutely, hands down, without a doubt anything but nice. So much not niceness happened I can not delve into it in this post. My head is still swimming, literally...from what the doctor described as a rip-roaring inner ear infection. I need to take a day or two, try to process the illnesses that proved insurmountable, the doctor and pharmacy visits, the insistent refusal to consume medicines, the power struggle between grandparent and parent, the hurt feelings, and mostly, the disappointment. If I were to write now, I would blubber on in a whiney, sobbing fashion surely telling the wrong story in entirely the wrong way.

I will take a deep breath, sleep on it the word's of my husband, "revisit it when cooler heads prevail." Trust me, with all the fever up in here we could certainly use cooler heads.


  1. I'm so sorry your vacation was a bust. Next time take a trip to Southern Vermont and stay near me. I'm a nanny- I'll entertain Alice and let you and Hatta have some nice evenings together. I leave on Friday for what was supposed to be a vacation with my family in my hometown. I found out last week that my bosses and their 3 kids are coming along so that I can work that week... Wish me luck...

  2. Feel better soon. Process. ((hugs))