Friday, June 8, 2012

Wit and Wisdom - Stop Sign Edition

I present to you the wit and wisdom of my 4 year old darling. That's right...she's now 4. Insane. Birthday post coming when I can stop saying "My baby! Where did my baby go?!" for long enough to write it.

Alice and I were in the car (of course) driving home from a super duper fun visit to our local FiveBelow. Party favors were purchased.

Her: Mama?

Me: Yes.

Her: Wasn't that a stop sign?

Me: Yes.

Her: Then why didn't you stop?

I chose to ignore her smart ass, back seat driving self. I suppose, only being 4 and not 14 like she thinks she is, she's never heard of a California stop.

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  1. The oldest girl that I take care of is 2.5 years. Today at lunch we had a very enlightening conversation:

    Me: OK, girls. Eat up, but be sure to take small bites.
    C (with mouth packed full of banana): Why dat?
    Me: C, don't talk with your mouth full.
    C: Why?
    Me: Because it's not polite and no one wants to see your chewed up food.
    C: Why?
    Me: Because it's icky.
    C: No it's not.
    Me: Yes it is.
    C: But it tastes good.
    Me: But it LOOKS icky.
    C: Cait looks icky. Stop talking now.