Sunday, September 16, 2012

She's a Cutter

Alice is a cutter. No paper is spared. I shit you not, from sun up to sun down my daughter cuts.

If it wasn't so damn annoying, it would be cute. Her current favorite pastime is coloring people in coloring books and then cutting them out. She says she's making her own paper dolls. Cute, huh? Which brings me to the so damn annoying part.

These "paper dolls" are everyfreakingwhere!! She takes them in the car. She takes them to nap. She leaves them on the coffe table. I find them under couch pillows and under tables. I'm up to my ears in "paper dolls." So...I did what any good mom would do. I forced her to purge. She was able to keep ten and the rest would go to other kids who aren't fortunate enough to have their own paper dolls. Hehehe. While she was away at school, ahh school, I recycled the scraps. She arrived home that day, shocked the give away pile was gone, I simply explained what happened. "While you were at school, I saw a few kids walking by and I asked them if they would enjoy playing with the paper dolls. They said yes, so I gave them away." Alice bought it. She actually seemed pleased in herself, like she was helping make mankind better. Let me inform you it lasted a day or two at most.

"So Mama. If the paper dolls are on the couch, you can't give those away. And if you find them on this table, you can't give those away either."

An hour later.

"Mama. These paper dolls that I'm putting here on this shelf, these you can't give away. These are for me to keep. And those over there, I'm keeping too. You can't give any of these away."


My world is full of paper barbies and paper princesses. Paper wings cut from paper fairies and glued to paper mermaids.

Do you know what all of this paper cutting leads to? Little shreds and scraps and strips of paper all over the freakin place. There are so many little pieces of paper on every surface and littering the floor, I hardly see them anymore. No, I still see them. I soo see them. They drive me mad. I wanna scream, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! PICK UP YOUR TRASH, CHILD!!" But I don't, something about stiffing her creativity or something. I encourage her to clean up after herself, knowing she's four and I'm likely to be doing the majority of it myself. As I'm on all fours pinching bits and pieces, I remind myself, this too shall pass. It's just a phase, an adorable, irritating phase in the creative life of Alice.


  1. OMG I hate scissors for this exact reason.

  2. Lol! It could be worse, someone could have shown her how to make paper mâché!

  3. That girl needs a paper doll house. Like a shoe box she can color and then the paper dolls can live there instead of all over your house. Haha! She is adorable.

  4. She is so cute. I probably only think that because there are no paper scraps on my floors.

  5. I Love this Post! A Paper Doll Hoarder, and I can totally Relate... as an Artist I see Beauty in things that so many other people don't 'get'... Alice is indeed an Artistic Soul and I'm so glad that you are gritting your teeth and allowing her the Joy of Creating and even better, allowing her Art to share space in your Home. My Family are long suffering with my Artistic Tendencies and the Hoard of Beautiful and Interesting things that I would have trouble giving away all at once. It's a process of Letting Go of your Art... because it is so deeply Personal. It is important to her that whoever receives it appreciates it as much as she does. A suggestion would be to actually give her Paper Dolls that she's willing to part with to a Child Care or Children's Ministry that would actually give it to the kids to Enjoy and play with. Sure, it might get ruined in the Process, but Alice's contribution would be imparting Fun and Inspiring Creativity and you would be totally released from any guilt about deceptions that she might cotton onto later. I've made up some outrageous stories to appease the G-Kid Force out of sheer frustration to change annoying habits... but the older they get, the less believable it becomes to them. *Le Sigh & a Wink* Dawn... The Bohemian