Thursday, May 10, 2012

Maybe She Won't Be Wetting The Bed In College After All

OMG! I have the most amazing, thrilling news ever!!

No, I didn't win a two week, all expenses paid vacation to Bora Bora. Guess again! Nope, my husband didn't surprise me by hiring a biweekly cleaning service. Okay, are you ready for this? Brace yourself.

Alice hasn't peed in her pull up for two consecutive nights now! Yay! Yay! Yay! DID YOU HEAR ME? I said two nights in a row!!

*chirp chirp chirp*

Tough crowd. I thought you would be as excited about this as we are.

See, that's the thing when you have kids, especially young ones. The most minute life stage is a big deal for everyone involved. Those not involved, could truly care less. I get it. I have some childless friends that I know better than to bother with such mundane mommy details. In the past, when I have volunteered such information I hear crickets in return. You don't see me yawning when I'm forced to listen to their latest drunken escapade. How she arrived home at the end of the night with only one shoe isn't really that captivating to me. But I feign interest. I'm a good friend. I nod my head and laugh in the appropriate places. All I can hope is my good friends will do the same.

So, where was I...oh, right, no pee. Alice has been potty trained since before she was two. I don't mean we were working on it. She went to her two year well check up in big girl undies. She was potty trained. Night time has been an entirely different story. For two years...two years now, we've tried everything. Limiting her water intake in the evening, getting her up before I went to bed to pee one last time, buying pretty princess undies, sticker charts...we even took her to Target to pick out a special "no pee in the pull-up" prize. She chose a baby doll she named Pajie. Poor Pajie sat in her box, up on that shelf for so long the magical milk in her bottle actually dried up. With no luck, we gave up. Resigned ourselves to buying more cases of pull-ups. Hopeful that she would eventually develop bladder control.

Then, many months later, the day we had been talking about came, we had no more pull-ups left in the last box we were ever going to buy. She knew what that meant. Time to suck it up and put on your big girl panties. Literally. For a week, Alice worked hard on night time potty training. And for a week, I worked hard keeping up with all the washing and changing of sheets, blankets, and pajamas. We made it 6 days before I placed an order on Amazon for another case.

Which brings me to now. I'm not sure what's different this time around. I haven't bought into any new gimmicks. I'm not trying a new tactic. Maybe, by golly, she's finally ready.


Or maybe I'm celebrating a tad bit too early. After all, it's only been two nights. We'll see, but the hubbub in the house is delightful. Alice has had chocolate ice cream for breakfast two days in a row!

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  1. Clearly I need to start having chocolate ice cream for breakfast every night I don't pee in the bed.