Wednesday, May 2, 2012

In Case I Die

Alice loves fruit...sort of. If you give her a bowl of blueberries and strawberries, she won't eat them. But if you take that same bowl of fruit, add other fruits, tofu, and yogurt, throw it all in the food processor, she'll eat it. I make smoothies and popsicles daily. I'm a good mom. It occurred to me over the weekend that my husband has never made Alice a smoothie. Because I was short on time and had other things to do in the kitchen, I had to verbally walk my husband through the process. And I said to him, "now if I die, at least you know how to make a smoothie."

Tomorrow morning, I will be having my wisdom teeth removed. I've read that things that can go wrong. I could have permanent nerve damage, never being able to move my tongue again, or worse, death. Even though I have been reassured that the odds are in my my favor I will not die of anesthesia and many people endure this rite of passage and come out unscathed, I find it better to err on the side of pessimism caution.

I present to you my list of things someone needs to know in case I, um, well...just in case.

  • The sewing kit is on the second shelf in the hutch.
  • Water my plants. If my ficus tree or the orchid in the bathroom dies, I'll haunt you.
  • Library books are due Friday. Late fees suck.
  • Ramen noodles rock. I expect someone to teach Alice the fine art of making an oodles of noodles sandwich.
  • White vinegar and baking soda will clean just about anything.
  • When making aforementioned smoothies, don't add raspberries or blackberries. She hates the seeds.
  • A little MSG will not kill you. Moderation is the spice of life.
  • I have hand-me-downs organized in the basement up to size 6. After that, you're on your own.
  • Pine shats are the best type of mulch.
  • I wish to be cremated. Do not spend money on a fancy urn to hold my ashes. A cardboard box is a sufficient container to transport me. Please spread my ashes in my grandmothers cottage garden and in the ocean.
  • Speaking of ashes, the remains of my childhood dog is in my basement. Please spread him in the garden with me and also in the pond behind my mother's old house.
  • Wear sunscreen. Alice, like myself, is fair skinned. Don't let her burn.
  • When life is shitty, there's nothing wrong with getting ice cream or cake to try and cheer yourself up.
  • On Valentine's day, send Alice balloons to school...every year.
  • You can never spoil a child by buying too many books.
  • I'll save you the time looking. I do not have a 9x13 baking pan.
  • The upholstery attachment for the vacuum is under the kitchen sink.
  • Don't wash the black cloth napkins with anything else. No matter how much I wash them, they still bleed.
  • Continue to remind my daughter that she is brilliant and beautiful and unique.
I suppose that will do for now. Besides, I'm sure I'll be just fine tomorrow. Nothing to worry about. Piece of cake.


  1. Love this list. And you'll be fine. ;)

    1. I'm alive. And even though I don't feel fine yet, I know fine is just around the corner.

  2. Well, I hope you survived, but still...quite the legacy :-) My favorite was "You can never spoil a child by buying too many books." So true.

    1. I try to remind my husband of this when I come home from Barnes and Noble with more books than we have shelve space for. Books are the best!