Friday, April 26, 2013

My True Love

It's Friday and I'm feeling über grateful to my bestest best friend in the whole wide world. I would like to dedicate today to...Amazon.

Two days ago my tub was clogged. I had been showering in two inches of my own filth, and the filth of every other member of my house. So freakin gross. There really is not much as gross as standing in soap and grime and hair and feeling it all swirl around you as you attempt to bathe. The solution was obvious, drain cleaner. But obvious and easy are not one in the same. Unless I'm intending to buy Alice a toy, I despise taking the kids to Target. It's a meltdown waiting to happen. I spend too much money, it takes too long, there's entirely too much whine (and not nearly enough wine) and in the end I'm exhausted and usually forgot the one item I drove to Target for in the first place. And then, standing in pubes (not my own, I have you know) I had an aha moment.

I love amazon and buy an outlandish number of items from there every year. Birthday presents, applesauce, mason name it, I've likely bought it on Amazon. But sometimes it takes me a few days or weeks to remember the magical Mecca Amazon really is. Sometimes I get in my car and drive from store to store looking for a specific item before my moment of enlightenment....Amazon. Why waste gas and precious time when I can buy leather cleaner in my pajamas? Amazon delivers to me for free. FOR FREE PEOPLE. With gas at $3.50 a gallon, do you know how much it costs me to drive the forty minute round trip to target? And I have to get dressed and make children behave like they have a brain. Amazon loves me so much they will bring me my things for free. It's a no-brainer.

But, in case you aren't yet sold on the wonders of Amazon, there are the reviews. Hundreds and thousands of reviews. Why would I blindly buy a shower curtain liner from Target when I can read 503 people's opinion of one specific liner on Amazon? Literally 503 people took the time to post a review about a shower curtain liner. And let me tell you, they were right. So far the liner kind of kicks ass. Honestly, I'm addicted to reviews. I hardly buy a thing without reading a handful first. I want to know what I'm in for. If the thermos leaks after a month or so, I wanna know. No surprises.

I present to you my list of top ten life changing items I've purchased on Amazon. Without Amazon, I would have had to drive to actual brick and mortar stores to purchase these items. Some items I didn't even know I needed. Others I didn't know existed until I started reading reviews. In most cases I paid far less, and in all cases it was easy. One item may have even saved me from killing Hatta.

  1. Ceiling fan light bulb
  2. Drain cleaner
  3. Glass straws
  4. iPhone case
  5. Nivea hand cream
  6. Wireless router
  7. Breville juicer
  8. French press
  9. Bona wood floor cleaner
  10. Nivea kiss of smoothness lip care

My love for Amazon is growing by leaps and bounds. In fact, I'm expecting a date with the UPS man later this afternoon. Maybe tomorrow, too.


  1. lol, I've never ordered basics from amaazon before but I suppose why not? Then again I love Target and there are 4 within 10 minutes of me. FOUR. So it's quite convenient to pop over!

    What is a glass straw?

    1. It's a straw, get this, that's glass! :) I drink juice out of straws every day, I was having issues with the disposable idea and bpa in pastic straws, so I turned to amazon. Who knew?! They remind me of stirrers from chemistry class.

  2. A few things.

    1) Gas is only $3.50 a gallon?? WTF am I moving to Western New York for? It's $3.80 there. On a good day!

    2) You live 40 minutes from a Target?? I'm so jealous. It takes me 80 minutes to get there, if I don't run into traffic at the Lake George outlet mall. Or the Aviation Mall. Or 6 Flags Great Escape. (They're all along the same road.)

    3) Have you read the reviews for the banana slicer and 3 wolf moon t-shirt? I've wasted so much time on those, and am giggling now just thinking about them.

    1. I'm actually 20 minutes from Target, 40 minutes round trip.

      I'm off to read banana slicer reviews!!

  3. The funny reviews on Amazon and other such sites are my favorite. But I admit, I'm not an online shopper. However, if Amazon has free delivery, I may have to look into it. How fast do things typically take to arrive?

    1. I have Amazon Prime, so my items are at my door in two days. Super fast!