Thursday, March 21, 2013

March Mad-ness

Every year it's the same. Every year, it's only March Madness. I'm so very sick of it.

Let me back up a bit. When we were much more kids than adults, my dear husband and his boys started a tradition. A very bad tradition, in my opinion. They decided, being the avid sport's fans they were, to go out to the bar full time for the NCAA basketball tournament. They'd take a few days off work from their entry level jobs and party all day and night, like the kids they were. Fast forward to now when they are much more adults than kids and the tradition is still going strong. March Madness makes me a single mom.

Now, I'm the first to agree, husbands and wives need time apart. We need our space. We need our own hobbies and interests. We need friends other than each other. I really do agree with all this. But...March Madness and everything it brings makes my blood boil. Year after year, this tradition has become too big. I heard talk from one of the wives of a birth being missed if the baby should happen to come during March Madness. Last year a wife had to rearrange her annual girls weekend gateway because it was accidentally planned during the tournament. I will have two extra house guests until Saturday. Which means I will have three drunk boys coming home several nights in a row waking me and Alice up. Seriously friends, don't get the wrong impression, I like a good party just as much as the next guy. When this tradition was started, us girlfriends took part. We all had little responsibility and it was a great excuse to let loose. Fast forward ten years, we all have huge responsibilities and don't have the luxury to party like we used to. And yet, the boys still do. Maybe they do a few less shots than they use to, but they still demand the March Madness freedom from work and home.

Last year I was fortunate enough to get away for a night of it. My sister had Alice for a sleepover and I got out of town and stayed with a friend. This year I am not so fortunate. With Ellie's well being depending upon me, I can not leave. I'm forced to witness the men become boys. I think I should start planning now for next year. I'm going on a trip. Somewhere great, a spa retreat!


  1. Definitely a spa retreat after.

  2. Is there a semi-decent hotel/motel in the area? Book a room, buy them a bunch of beer and snacks, and give them directions. If there's any argument, you can point out that they'll have a whole lot more fun in a place where they 1) don't have to worry about waking a little girl, 2) don't have to worry about waking you, 3) don't have any women hanging around, and 4) don't have to clean up after themselves.

    Good luck, and definitely take the spa retreat next year! There are places you can book for a mother-daughter weekend.

  3. Okay that's really annoying. Can't they go anywhere else? Do they have to be at your house when you have a small kid at home. And if the answer is no because they have wives and children too than the answer shouldn't be you get the short end of the stick. You rotate who has the three amigos at their house or maybe the boys just have to grow up?

  4. Completely agree with LostandForgotten. The boys need to grow up or take the March Madness elsewhere!! If they can afford the bar tab certainly they can afford to split a hotel room 3 ways! It's time for the boys to become men (and maybe this won't happen unless they are forced to:(